Register complaints directly in Business Central with Powerblox Complaint Management


Addressing complaints or non-conformities swiftly is crucial in maintaining customer satisfaction and business efficiency. That's where Powerblox Complaint Management steps in, designed to expedite the registration process and minimize the time spent on filing claims. Let's explore how this innovative app can revolutionize your complaint management:

Create Complaint from Document

Within any sales or purchase document, simply navigate to the "Actions" menu and choose "Create Complaint." The system presents default complaint types relevant to the document's entity type. Once selected, the complaint is automatically created using information from the source document. All related documents are conveniently linked to the complaint card for easy reference. Complete the card with additional information and register it to initiate your predefined procedures.


Blocked Documents

Prevent costly errors with the ability to retrieve affected documents directly within the complaint card. Powerblox allows you to block these documents from certain processes, ensuring invoices are excluded from reminders or payment suggestions. Once the complaint is marked as "closed," the blocked status is automatically lifted, seamlessly reinstating the documents into reminders or payment suggestions.


Link Complaints

Streamline your complaint management process by seamlessly linking multiple complaints. With a click of a button, create vendor complaints and establish connections to multiple customer complaints. Create direct relations between complaints to resolve interconnected issues efficiently. Related complaints are visible directly on the complaint card for easy reference.


Resolution Documents

Streamline the resolution process directly from the complaint card. Create orders, credit memos, or return orders tailored to the selected entity type. Prices and discounts are automatically retrieved from the source document and seamlessly transferred to the resolution document. Effortlessly link resolution documents to existing complaints for organized and efficient resolution.


Workflow and Tasks

Categorize every complaint under a specific complaint type, each equipped with a predefined workflow. Customize workflows to accommodate unique requirements and ensure a clear guide for each step of the resolution process. Automate email notifications to keep customers informed and assign tasks to team members for smooth collaboration and accountability. Easily track expenses related to complaints, simplifying cost recovery from suppliers.


Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of complaint management with Powerblox Complaint Management. Download your trial from AppSource today and unlock seamless complaint management. Visit our website for more details!