Terms of Use

Acceptance Terms of Use

Powerblox will be provided in the form of Software-as-a-service. It will be made available using the internet. The use of Powerblox is subject to the applicability of these Terms of use. By using Powerblox, the User accepts the Terms of Use.

The User acknowledges that the use of Microsoft products, on which Powerblox is based, is subject to applying the term of use of Microsoft Products. The User can find these Terms of Use on the Microsoft website.

The Purchase and use of Powerblox are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Powerblox. The User can find these terms and conditions on the website of Powerblox.

The Terms and Conditions of the User are hereby expressly excluded.

Powerblox reserves the right to change the Terms of Use whenever they deem necessary.


Powerblox is offered to the User to enable the User to get access to diverse resources, including software and other downloadable assets.

The User will decide how they will implement and use the tool within their organisation.

The User acknowledges that Powerblox cannot always guarantee the availability of the services. Powerblox will take all necessary steps to try to always provide the services but cannot be held liable should the Services be unavailable at any given time.

The User acknowledges that, for their Services, Powerblox is dependent on Microsoft for the availability of the services.

Commercial and Non-commercial Use

Unless otherwise specified, the Services are personal and for non-commercial use. The User may not adapt, copy, distribute, send, depict, reproduce, make a derived product, sell, or publish any information, software, products, or Services.


The User Acknowledges that compensation will be charged for using Powerblox. This compensation will be invoiced in advance and on a yearly basis.

Payment will be due in accordance with the terms of payment as specified in our General terms and conditions. Because the Service is provided immediately, and on request of the User, it is not possible to refund a payment.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

Our Privacy Terms, as published on our website, apply to Users of Powerblox.

Should the User have any questions concerning privacy they can always contact us, using the following e-mail address: info@powerblox.io

Powerblox will act as a processor, as defined in GDPR. The goal and means of processing will be determined by the User. Powerblox only provides the service, how the User uses these Services falls within their own responsibility.

Profile, Password, and Security

The use of the Services requires a user profile. The User is obligated to follow the registration procedure, where they will have to deliver current, complete, and accurate information.  The User will have to choose a profile name and password. The User is responsible for the protection and confidentiality of this password and user profile. The User is responsible, and liable, for all actions that occur on their user profile while using their login credentials.

Powerblox will assume that all actions that take place on your account take place under the Users' control and guidance.

Should an unauthorised use be detected by the User, the User will inform Powerblox immediately of this unauthorised access. In case of any other security breach, concerning the login credentials, the User will inform Powerblox immediately.

Powerblox will not be liable for all damages the following form unauthorised use of the login credentials, regardless of if the User knows of this breach or not. The User can be held liable for any loss or damage that this unauthorised use causes for Powerblox.

Nobody may use the login credentials of a different User, without the other person having knowledge of this use, and without that User having authorised and approved this use. 


Information includes all possible data, knowledge en information, in whatever form and received in any manner, including images, graphic elements, products, services, layout, software, music, photographs. This summary is only an example; under no circumstances is information limited to these elements.

Intellectual Property

The Powerblox application, and all associated software all the information and images on the website en solution, are the intellectual property of Powerblox. These may not be copied or used in any way without the separate and explicit written permission of Powerblox.

Some of the names, signs, brands, and logos on Powerblox are registered and thus protected, trademarks.

The User will not act in a manner that breaches the intellectual property of Powerblox or the intellectual property of a third party.

For those products and services that are the intellectual property of third parties, we refer the User to the terms of use of those third parties.

When this is necessary for the delivery of Services, Powerblox will take note of the information you store on the application, unless otherwise agreed upon by parties. Powerblox endeavours to limit the knowledge of the data as much as possible, in so far this is within his power.


Powerblox endeavours to keep all information reliable and tries to control its sources and to guarantee the functionality of the application as much as possible.

However, POWERBLOX cannot be held liable for:

  • The correctness, the completeness or suitability of the information that has been made available to the Users on Powerblox;
  • The outcome of tips or advice given by Powerblox or from content providers.
  • Direct, indirect, or incidental damages or any other damages that are caused by, or related to, the use of Powerblox or from the inability to use Powerblox. Powerblox cannot be held liable for damages caused by the loss of availability or the loss of data that were obtained via Powerblox or his content providers;
  • Malfunctions, bugs, or interruptions in the Services; and
  • When third parties make infractions using the Powerblox solution.

This summary is not exhaustive.

Powerblox’s liability is limited to the amount paid by the User, for the services, in the last three (3) months before the damages, except in case of gross negligence or criminal intent.


Using Powerblox, the User acknowledges that he under no circumstance may use the application for illegal or unauthorised purposes.

The user commits to:

  • Respect all intellectual property rights, those of Powerblox and those of third parties;
  • Respect all rights of other people, including the right to privacy;
  • Refrain from spreading or storing information that is racist, dishonourable, or libellous;
  • Not spread unauthorised publicity;
  • Not upload any documents or other items containing viruses or other malware;
  • Not send any unwanted messages;
  • Refrain from hacking or otherwise damaging the Powerblox systems, or systems of third parties; and
  • Refrain from breaching any National or international regulation.

If Powerblox discovers that you are violating the above conditions, or if we receive a complaint about such abuse, of the violation, Powerblox will warn the User. Such a warning will only be given once. If the User receives such a warning, they will need to find an acceptable solution. Should the User fail at providing an acceptable solution, Powerblox will have the right to take action. In urgent cases, Powerblox can intervene immediately, without giving prior notice.

Powerblox reserves the right to claim damages from the User, for damage caused by the above-mentioned violation. The User will indemnify Powerblox for all claims from third parties related to damage caused by a violation of these Terms of Use.

Access Limitation

Powerblox reserves the right to deny access to the Powerblox solution to any User, without prior notice and for whatever reason.

Changes to Conditions

Powerblox reserves the right to change the Terms of Use for the application. It falls upon the User to be mindful of any changes that might occur to these Terms of Use.

Contact Information

Should the User have any questions they can contact Powerblox using the following e-mail address: info@powerblox.io

Other Provisions

These Terms of Use and the sale and use of Powerblox are subject to the application of Belgian Law. All disputes will be settled by the competent Belgian Court, chambers of Brussels.

Digital Invoicing

The Use and sale of Powerblox are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Powerblox. All invoices will be delivered in a digital version, on a platform chosen by the User. Should the User wish to receive their invoices on paper, then this is possible by a simple request to the following e-mail address: info@powerblox.io

Company Information

POWERBLOX BV, having its registered office at Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 BRUSSEL, Belgium, and registered at the chamber of commerce with the number BE 0759.997.077

Third Parties

A link to the webpage, or content, of a third party, are not under the control of Powerblox. Powerblox is not liable for the content on these pages or provided by third parties in any other way.