Supercharge Your Sales: Exploring Powerblox's Game-Changing Promotional Tools


From strategic discounts and freebies to innovative bundled deals, Powerblox Promotions and Actions offers a comprehensive approach to elevate your sales and customer satisfaction. Let’s explore how each feature works and the unique advantages they bring to your business.

Extra Discounts

Gain the power to supercharge your discounts with Powerblox Promotions and Actions. Imagine offering additional discounts upon reaching a minimum purchase amount or quantity for selected items. Whether replacing an existing discount or adding an extra layer of savings, the choice is yours. Our Extra Discounts feature ensures transparency by clearly displaying the promotion as an item charge line on your sales document. Unlock new possibilities and delight your customers with this powerful feature.



Stand out in today's competitive market by offering more than just discounts. With Powerblox, you can add extra items directly to the sales document when the promotion condition is met. Imagine offering a gift, like a box of chocolates, when a customer purchases a minimum quantity of a certain item. Our system allows you to include either a default item or present a selection screen, providing flexibility and enhancing customer satisfaction. Craft unforgettable experiences for your customers with our Gift feature.


Buy X, Get Y

Upgrade your sales strategy with the "replacement" promotion type from Powerblox Promotions and Actions. Replace one item with another when the promotion condition is met, providing opportunities for upgrades or special offers. Effortlessly specify item replacements and set up replacement ratios like a 2-for-1 swap. Our seamless system ensures transparency and accurate adjustments to inventory, enhancing customer satisfaction and efficient inventory management.


Buy 6, Pay 4

Optimize your promotional strategy with the "free" items feature from Powerblox. Deduct a selected quantity from the item on the order line when the promotion condition is met. For example, offer a quantity of 6 but only charge for 4. Our system provides flexibility in applying the promotion to each item individually or choosing the item with the highest or lowest value. Unlock new opportunities and optimize your promotional strategy with our innovative "free items" feature.


Combination Mandatory

Take your promotions to the next level with our Combination Mandatory setting. Trigger promotions only when a specific combination of items is purchased, allowing you to create enticing package deals. Imagine offering a complimentary one-year streaming subscription when a customer buys both a TV and a soundbar. Our versatile feature opens the door to bundled promotions, enhancing your sales strategy and driving customer engagement.


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