Navigating Surcharges with Ease: Powerblox Surcharge Automation


In today's business landscape, managing surcharges efficiently is crucial for maintaining profitability and compliance. Whether it's aligning with sustainability initiatives or navigating unexpected costs, businesses need robust solutions to streamline their surcharge processes. Enter Powerblox Surcharge Automation, offering two powerful features: Item Surcharges and Document Surcharges.

Item Surcharges: Simplifying Environmental Compliance

Environmental consciousness is on the rise, and businesses are under pressure to address sustainability concerns. Our Item Surcharges feature simplifies this process by allowing businesses to effortlessly incorporate surcharges into their products. With an intuitive platform, creating and linking surcharges to items becomes seamless. When selecting an item with an assigned surcharge, our system automatically adds it to the sales or purchase document, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

What sets our Item Surcharges apart is its flexibility. Businesses have the autonomy to determine which items, documents, and business posting groups surcharges will be applied to, providing a fully customizable approach tailored to their unique business needs. Say goodbye to manual calculations and hello to streamlined surcharge management with Powerblox Surcharge Automation.


Document Surcharges: Taking Control of Additional Costs

Managing document surcharges can be complex, especially when dealing with unexpected costs like rerouting scenarios. Our Document Surcharges feature puts businesses in control by allowing them to effortlessly add surcharges to sales and purchase documents. Whether it's unexpected rerouting costs or any other surcharge scenario, our solution simplifies the process.

The flexibility of our system allows businesses to tailor surcharges to their specific needs. Whether assigning fixed amounts or calculating percentages based on the document's value, our app provides versatility. With surcharge groups, managing multiple customers or vendors becomes effortless, saving time and effort.

Additionally, our app offers graduated surcharges, automatically adjusting the amount based on the document's value. Businesses shipping partially can choose to charge the full amount upfront or prorate it based on each shipment's value. Whether preferring manual control or seamless automation, our app allows businesses to apply surcharges with ease, either at their discretion or automatically upon document release.


Empower Your Business with Surcharge Automation

Ready to streamline your surcharge processes and empower your business? Powerblox Surcharge Automation offers the tools needed to take control of surcharge management efficiently. With features like Item Surcharges and Document Surcharges, businesses can navigate surcharge scenarios with ease, contributing to profitability and compliance.


Don't let surcharges be a burden on your business. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Powerblox Surcharge Automation today. Download your trial from AppSource today or Visit our website for more details!