Why are we a big fan of Appsource, and what’s your benefit?


With more than 45 apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we know how important it is for Business Central partners and end-users to be able to find information and try the apps.

Microsoft AppSource is part of Microsoft's commercial marketplace where customers can find, try and get Powerblox apps. AppSource only offers solutions that have been thoroughly audited by Microsoft, and this listing can therefore be considered a Microsoft "certification" for high-functional, high-quality software.

The advantages:

  • Users are guaranteed that the solutions in the AppSource are of high quality and conform to Microsoft's Best Practices.
  • The approval means that our solution meets the latest technical requirements, is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and can therefore be implemented without risk.
  • The listing in AppSource informs the partner that this ISV solution fits Microsoft's product strategy and can be upgraded. An upgrade or version change to Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not lead to unpleasant surprises or additional costs.

During technical validation, Microsoft checks the following elements:

  • Validates the main app in the submission and its required libraries
  • Validates the submission for all the selected countries/regions.
  • Validates the submission for all the releases targeted.
  • Up to 2000+ different compilations for one submission

During marketing validation, Microsoft looks at:

  • offer setup: app type, listing type
  • properties: categories, industries, app version and, terms & conditions
  • offer listing: app name, summary, description, screenshots, documents, and all online links
  • availability: markets (countries) and languages

Powerblox has been a trusted partner in the industry for many years and is at the forefront of technology in this area. Powerblox solutions are developed based on Microsoft technology, are supported in the long term, and meet the demands of the industry.