Introducing Powerblox, a suite of 45+ apps for Business Central


Powerblox is the leader in business apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our apps help you to sell more, reduce the complexity of your implementations and grow your business faster. With 45+ Powerblox Apps, you'll have access to a wide range of business functionalities across different sectors. Your sales can respond quickly to customer demand, and present them with the right solutions and transparent pricing. And as your customer’s business evolves, they will come back for more apps. This allows you to establish a regular, predictable income stream for your business.

Goodbye to big add-ons

Most Powerblox are small apps that add efficiency and/or extra functionalities. We apply our 80% rule: our ambition is to sell apps in which users use a minimum of 80% of the features - if this is not the case, we will split up the Powerblox.

Generic and sector-specific

Some Powerblox can be used by all companies. Think about complaints, output management, or webshop connectors. For a group of companies, we have Powerblox Masterdata Management and Powerblox Intercompany. All other Powerblox can mainly be grouped over the following categories: manufacturing, assembly, food production, wholesale, warehousing, rental, construction, installation, maintenance, and professional services (e.g. consulting, engineering, …).

All Powerblox apps work seamlessly together, that’s a promise

Apps from different ISVs are often not compatible. And solving that problem is most of the time the responsibility of the Business Central partner. By choosing Powerblox apps, you get apps that work perfectly standalone but also seamlessly together.

Simple pricing model: only pay for what you really use

Depending on the Powerblox needed, licenses will be calculated per company, tenant, device, or user. In this last case, you don’t need a license per Business Central user, but only for those users who are working with the Powerblox. All other users will be able to read the data without a license.

Reduce the complexity of your projects

All Powerblox are easy to configure and require no coding. This means less manual handling and less training, freeing up some of your valuable consulting resources. And last but not least, our technical support team, Business Central experts, and a bunch of online resources are there to help you make the most of Powerblox and your business.