Elevate Your Pricing Strategy with Powerblox Advanced Pricing & Discounts


In the fast-paced world of business, staying ahead often means offering more than just standard pricing. That's where Powerblox Advanced Pricing & Discounts comes in. No longer limited to one line discount, our app empowers you with three line discounts available on price lists, extending across all your sales and purchase documents.

Flexible Discount Calculations

But that's just the beginning. You have the freedom to independently define whether discounts are calculated on the gross or net method, applying discounts directly to unit prices or sequentially after previous discounts.

Precision in Pricing

Looking for precision in pricing? Our app introduces the option to utilize the most detailed price, ensuring that customer-specific prices override general ones. Seamlessly integrated into the requisition worksheet, you can effortlessly choose between different price calculation methods, tailored to your specific needs.

Seamless Sales Quote Integration

With our "save sales quote to price list" option, you can effortlessly save quotes to price lists and retrieve correct pricing when your customer places an order, complete with specific prices, discounts, and validity periods.

Enhanced Sales Order Features

But our app isn't just about discounts – it's about streamlining your sales process. With features like Sales Order Multiple and Sales Order Minimum, you can ensure compliance with your desired sales standards, whether it's enforcing minimum quantities or rounding quantities to set multiples.


Ready to revolutionize your sales strategy? Download your trial from AppSource today and experience the power of Powerblox Advanced Pricing & Discounts. Say hello to effortless pricing management and elevate your selling game like never before. Visit our website for more details!