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Property Management

Streamline property management with our Business Central app. Easily oversee sites, buildings, and units, manage rental contracts, invoice cost expenses, efficiently charge rent and monthly provisions, create settlements for specific periods, and ensure hassle-free yearly indexation of rental contracts—all in one powerful solution.

Powerblox Property Management is designed to make property management a breeze. You can effortlessly monitor your sites, buildings, and individual units, simplifying the task of overseeing your entire property portfolio. Managing rental contracts becomes a seamless process, allowing you to keep track of lease agreements with ease.

When it comes to handling finances, our app lets you generate and send invoices for cost expenses, ensuring that every expense is properly accounted for. You can allocate these expenses to different units within your properties, providing a detailed breakdown of costs.

Charging rent and monthly provisions is no longer a time-consuming task. With our app, you can efficiently automate this process, making sure you receive payments on time. Additionally, you can create settlements for specific time periods, streamlining financial transactions and making it easy to reconcile accounts.

One of the standout features of our app is its ability to handle yearly indexation of rental contracts effortlessly. This means you can ensure that rental rates are adjusted accurately and in compliance with contractual agreements, without any hassle.

Key features

  • Efficiently oversee sites, buildings, and units
  • Streamline rental contract management
  • Allocate and invoice cost expenses across units
  • Simplify rent and monthly provision collection
  • Generate settlements for specific expenses and periods
  • Automate yearly rental contract indexation

Manage your Sites, Buildings and Units

Effectively oversee your sites, buildings, and units, gaining a comprehensive view of your entire rental property structure.


Manage your Rental Contracts

Effortlessly oversee rental contracts for single or multiple units. Customize rental rates, charges, and contract durations, while selecting one or multiple tenants.

Plus, easily manage various annexes to your rental agreements.


Distribution Keys

Efficiently assign expenses associated with a particular site or building to the appropriate units through the utilization of distribution keys. When you allocate a distribution key on the purchase invoice for expenses such as energy and maintenance, the system will seamlessly generate invoices, distributing the cost share to the correct tenants. Moreover, any previously paid advances will be automatically deducted.


Indexation Proposals

Automate indexation for each rental contract or site. The system will compute the updated rent amount and provision for expenses, taking into account the specified index type, base, and base index amount configured within the rental contracts.

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Which languages are supported by this app?

The app is offered in Dutch (NLB), English (ENU), and French (FRB).

Which countries is this app available in?

This App is available in all countries.

Can I only use it for cloud-based implementations?

No, you can also use Powerblox on-premise, but that would require custom services from us.

Where can I reach support?

You can reach us by selecting one of the support options below.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can request a one-month free trial on AppSource

What is my commitment when I choose for a free trial?

There are no additional obligations. Your free trial will not be automatically upgraded

Will I enjoy support during my free trial?

Yes. You will get free access to our knowledge base and enjoy the same service as paying customers.

Can I talk to an expert for advice during my free trial?

Yes. You can book a session with an expert via our website.

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