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Outbound Logistics

Manage your order fulfilment process (picking, packing, shipping & delivery) and the truck planning in one simple tool.

Get a clear overview of the goods to be prepared for shipment. Create the truck planning, organize the warehouse order picking process and execute truck loading. This Powerblox allows you to plan and process your outbound shipments. You will be able to automatically create truck plans based on the “ready to ship” sales orders. You can plan the picking process and define the right sort order in your picking activities. Optionally execute your packing process to ship small parcels. Finally, assign time slots for the pickup planning and create the truck loading plan. You can combine this Powerblox with the Powerblox Logistic Units and the Powerblox Warehouse Scanning.

Key features ​

  • Easy transport planning and clear dashboard​ overview
  • Shipping options: with your own fleet or with an external partner
  • Manage your planning for multiple warehouses and multiple warehouse types (frozen, cold or ambient storage)
  • Overview and dashboard for the warehouse manager to assign the pickers​
  • Truck loading functionality
  • Cross-dock functionality
  • Packing functionality​
  • Printing of all labels, loading lists and CMR documents​
  • Warehouse service billing for Third-Party Logistics partners (3PL)

Truck planning

The truck plan list gives you an overview of all open and released plans. You will see the picking status, volumes, value, delivery date, carrier (transportation company), customer, recipient, …


Picking process

Pick Planning allows you to enhance the picking efficiency. Create warehouse shipments and pick, determine the best picking order and optimise the labor cost.


Truck loading

When all picking is done, the tool also allows you to perform the truck loading and keep track of what pallets are send with what truck.

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In what languages is this App available?

The App is available in the following languages: Dutch (NLB), English (ENU), and French (FRB)

For which countries is this App available?

This App is available in all countries.

Can I only use it for cloud-based implementations?

No, you can also use Powerblox on-premise, but that would require custom services from us.

What's the technical info for this Powerblox?

Object range from 52157623 until 52157722

Where can I reach support?

You can reach us by submitting a request via this link.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can ask for a free trial of one month.

What is my commitment when I choose for a free trial?

There is no further commitment, and your free trial will not be upgraded automatically. 

Is my credit card required for a free trial?

No. Your credit card info is not required for a free trial

Will I enjoy support during my free trial?

Yes. You will get free access to our knowledge base and enjoy the same service as paying customers.

Can I talk to an expert for advice during my free trial?

Yes. You can book a session with an expert via our website.

Is this a Powerblox for a specific sector?

No, it can be used for many different sectors.

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