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Lifecycle Management

Elevate your operational efficiency by integrating a lifecycle status for items, customers, and vendors, and effortlessly determine which processes they can participate in.

Enhance your business operations with Powerblox Lifecycle Management, a dynamic solution that empowers you to efficiently manage the lifecycle status of items, customers, and vendors within Business Central. You gain enhanced control over your processes, surpassing the limitations of the standard BC functionalities.
Consider a scenario where you need to distinguish between various lifecycle statuses such as 'new,' 'active,' 'end-of-life,' and 'inactive' for your items. Powerblox Lifecycle Management enables you to exercise precision in determining which items, customers, or vendors should be selectable on documents.
For instance, when dealing with new customers, your finance department may need to conduct a thorough credit check before authorizing the shipment of orders, while for others, such stringent checks might not be necessary. Powerblox Lifecycle Management grants you the flexibility to tailor your workflows to specific business needs, ensuring smoother, more responsive operations.

Documents Eligible for Blocking

  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Shipment
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Return Order
  • Sales Credit Memo
  • Blanket Sales Order
  • Item Production
  • Item Consumption
  • Item Transfer
  • Purchase Quote
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Return Order
  • Purchase Credit Memo
  • Blanket Purchase Order
Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Status

You have the flexibility to create an unlimited number of statuses. Simply mark the checkboxes to restrict specific combinations. For each lifecycle status, you can selectively conceal or deactivate fields on the associated object card.


Assign Status to Your Item, Customer, or Vendor

Choose the necessary lifecycle status on the item, customer, or vendor card, and if a reason code is mandatory, ensure it is selected. The system will then prevent the object from being utilized in the designated documents.


Tracking Status Updates

The system will meticulously record all changes in lifecycle status along with their corresponding reason codes in a comprehensive logfile.


Field management

Field Management allows users to customize the fields visible on the customer, vendor or item card based on specific life cycle statuses. For instance, you can create a life cycle status like purchase control tailored for the purchasing department by hiding non-essential Fields. This ensures that only essential information is presented as the item progresses through different life cycle statuses. 

Lifecycle statuses

You can assign life cycle statuses to customers, vendors and items, and precisely control which processes are allowed or blocked. For example, you could selectively halt the production of an item while still allowing sales orders, shipments and invoicing. This strategy ensures that you can continue to sell the remaining inventory without disruptions. Another example is that you can temporarily block sales orders and shipments for a new customer waiting for credit approval, however you can still provide sales quotes allowing you to leverage potential sales opportunities while safeguarding your financial Integrity.

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In what languages is this App available?

The App is available in the following languages: Dutch (NLB), English (ENU), and French (FRB)

For which countries is this App available?

This App is available in all countries.

Can I only use it for cloud-based implementations?

No, you can also use Powerblox on-premise, but that would require custom services from us.

What's the technical info for this Powerbkox?

Object range from 52157623 until 52157722

Where can I reach support?

You can reach us by submitting a request via this link.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can ask for a free trial of one month.

What is my commitment when I choose for a free trial?

There is no further commitment, and your free trial will not be upgraded automatically. 

Is my credit card required for a free trial?

No. Your credit card info is not required for a free trial

Will I enjoy support during my free trial?

Yes. You will get free access to our knowledge base and enjoy the same service as paying customers.

Can I talk to an expert for advice during my free trial?

Yes. You can book a session with an expert via our website.

What type of businesses is likely to benefit?

Wholesale companies & retail companies. But also other types of companies with a larger number of suppliers and items. 

Is this a Powerblox for a specific sector?

No, it can be used for many different sectors.

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