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Extended Attributes Management

Easily assign attributes to Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Jobs, and Resources.

While Standard Business Central enables attribute assignment for items or item categories, Powerblox Extended Attribute Management extends this functionality to include customers, vendors, contacts, jobs, and resources. This enhanced capability aids in more comprehensive searching, grouping, sorting, and filtering for improved efficiency.

Key features

  • Incorporate attributes on customers, vendors, contacts, jobs, and resources.
  • Implement tagging for efficient organization.
  • Expand the capabilities of your Business Central with advanced search, grouping, sorting, and filtering options.

Create Attributes

You have the flexibility to allocate attribute values of various types (Option, Text, Integer, Decimal, Date) and associate them with your preferred tables (Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Jobs, and Resources). Once linked, these extended attributes seamlessly integrate into the corresponding cards for your convenience.

Contact Attribute

Assign Attributes

Simply input attribute values for each customer, vendor, job, resource, or contact card as needed.

Filtered attrib list

Filtering by Attributes

In the list view, you have the option to select one or more attributes for filtering. This selection then generates a refined list of customers, vendors, jobs, contacts, or resources based on your chosen criteria.

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Which languages are supported by this app?

The app is offered in Dutch (NLB), English (ENU), and French (FRB).

Which countries is this app available in?

This App is available in all countries.

Can I only use it for cloud-based implementations?

No, you can also use Powerblox on-premise, but that would require custom services from us.

Where can I reach support?

You can reach us by selecting one of the support options below.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can request a one-month free trial on AppSource.

What is my commitment when I choose for a free trial?

There are no additional obligations, and your free trial will not be automatically upgraded.

Will I enjoy support during my free trial?

Yes. You will get free access to our knowledge base and enjoy the same service as paying customers.

Can I talk to an expert for advice during my free trial?

Yes. You can book a session with an expert via our website.

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